Can Whizclan do Senior Management level sourcing2017-03-20T18:03:32+05:30

As Whizclan is more focused on championing it’s selected domains, it is well capable and experienced with hand picking senior level candidates. Whizclan has successfully placed candidates up to level of President and Cluster heads for leading companies

Whizclan caters to which all Industries2017-03-20T17:55:42+05:30

Currently Whizclan is focussing on three industries

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Banking and Finance
  • Hospitality
Is Whizclan a travel agency?2017-03-20T17:52:44+05:30

No, Whizclan only offers services for Corporate/Business events and associated services

What’s unique with Whizclan business model2017-03-20T17:49:07+05:30

Our model is to benefit from inherent capabilities of sectors by creating a symbiotic business relationship. A decent sized pharmaceutical company with approx. 1000 sales personnel does over 150 small and big events which consumes a considerable amount of time and revenue of marketing team. Whizclan enjoy a very good reach with all major Hotel chains by doing recruitment for them and hence is able to offer better solutions in terms of management, contingencies and cost saving

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