Experience a complete new way of doing business

Whizclan introduces a different process for doing the same thing which our business partners have been doing since long. We are committed to support corporate in their HR & Administrative functions. We are focused and constantly working towards improvising the service standards and most noteworthy at a reduced cost. Thrust area of ours remains with Human Resource Acquisition and Business Event Management however we still bring loads of auxiliary services which can make day to day work simpler and economical.


  • Free Services– Whizclan’s success is attributed to it’s consulting team of industry veterans and they are the knowledge repository for Whizclan. We work very closely with our clients and much as business partners. We understand their need and multiple times assist them beyond our scope of work as well.


  • A Firewall for your business – Business travel and various events not only require sourcing of services from a very reliable domain expert however at the same time best prices for the service is also warranted. This is usually very difficult to balance for large organisations as they have just one or two dedicated people to execute this work. Whereas for smaller organisations its difficult to attain a great economy with very dedicated services because of small business volumes to vendors. Whizclan positions itself between the corporate sector and the vendors as a “Firewall”. As we are a community of domain experts, we are well positioned to act as a one point source for all your required services. We do the evaluation, screening and selection of various sources and get you the best.


  • Service+ Concept– We call our offerings as “Service+” because while we take utmost care in delivering better services and value for money, our experts constantly provide you with new ideas and inputs to improvise and attain better execution and delivery standards. Again this consultative approach is a reflection of our true commitment and implicates no financial burden on our clients.